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In Zagreb, on April 26 and 27, at two beautiful locations, Kaptol Butique Cinema and The Westin Hotel Zagreb, the eighth international symposium of the University Eye Clinic of Clinical Hospital “Sveti Duh” called Up-to-date Ophthalmology was held under the organization and expert guidance of prof. Mladen Bušić, MD, PhD.

This time the symposium was attended by invited lecturers from four prestigious American universities and four most prestigious eye clinics from the USA, Austria and from our Clinic. The symposium presented the most recent knowledge in ophthalmology in the world with special emphasis on the world premiere of wide-angle 3D eye surgery technology whose inventor was Benedict Rak, MD, then a specialist of our Clinic. This technology was presented to the world for the first time by top surgeons of our Clinic, prof. Biljana Kuzmanović Elabjer, MD, PhD prof. Damir Bosnar, MD, PhD, asst. prof. Dean Šarić, MD, PhD and finally Borna Šarić, MD, PhD, who assessed the new technology, each in its own field of subspecialty, as a significant technological progress compared to the previous methods of surgical treatment.


Wide-angle 3D eye surgery technology, within which the operator has a real-time choice between performing an operating procedure using existing 2D microscopic technology and new wide-angle 3D technology, is the world's first such, absolutely unique innovative technology within ophthalmic surgery.
In addition to the fact that the Clinic for Ophthalmology KBSD in January 2019 became a collaborating center of the World Health Organization as the only such clinic in Croatia, this new technological success has positioned our Clinic at the top of the world in terms of technological innovations in ophthalmology.
It is this invention that represents the Clinic for Ophthalmology KBSD among the innovators in the Republic of Croatia who create an export product and thus significantly contribute to the development of technology worldwide.
Then, for the first time, Mirjana Bjeloš, MD, PhD, presented to the public gene therapy with the drug Luxturna®, whose approval for use in Europe came in December 2018. As one of the few centers where the drug can be administered, patients are prepared to keep up with other centers in Europe and it is expected that the treatment of the first two patients will be carried out at KBSD.
We owe our gratitude for the entire organization and financial possibilities to the Mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić, whose constant support enabled the presentation of this great success, not only of the city of Zagreb, but of the entire Croatian healthcare system. 

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