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Ars Ophthalmologica- The first ten: Monograph that combine 12 university textbooks published by the University Eye Clinic of the Univeristy Hospital "Sveti Duh" starting with the first modern ophthalmological textbook in the Republic of Croatia, "Seminaria Ophthalmologica", published in 2011.

In addition to this, the monograph of the editors-in-chief Mladen Bušić, Mirjana Bjeloš, Daliborka Miletić, Biljana Kuzmanović Elabjer, Damir Bosnar and associates includes 11 more university textbooks, of which "Pharmacotherapia Ophthalmologica" stands out, followed by the unique "Atlas of Ultrasound", "Atlas of Ultrasound Biomicroscopy", "Atlas of the posterior eye segment" and "Atlas of the cornea" in Croatian and the textbook "Amblyopia" in both Croatian and English.

The monograph is the result of the efforts of all authors to enrich the achievements of recent ophthalmological science through their university publishing achievements with beauty in the form of (fine) art, thus connecting two timeless values of human creativity - science and art - since the sense of beauty is perhaps mostly experienced by the eye.

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