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On June 11, 2021, the beginning of the work of the new Outpatient Clinic of the University Hospital "Sveti Duh" in the system of public health care of the citizens of the City of Zagreb and the Republic of Croatia was solemnly marked.

The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Tomislav Tomašević, Envoy of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia Mr. Andrej Plenković, Minister of Health Mr. Vili Beroš, Director of the Central Agency for Financing and Contracting of EU Programs and Projects, Mr. Tomislav Petric, Director of the Croatian Health Insurance Institute. Mr. Lucijan Vukelic, then representatives of other health care institutions and members of the management and employees of the Hospital as well as representatives of public media.

Reconstruction of the complex of the Clinical Hospital "Sveti Duh" with the addition of a day hospital and one-day surgery with an underground garage, a key development project of the public health care system of the City of Zagreb and the Republic of Croatia, built as a public public partnership project and Clinical Hospital "Sveti Duh" at the local level in synergy with the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union funds and the Ministry of Health at the national level and equipped with European Union funds.

In the building of the Day Hospital with an underground garage with a total gross area of ​​23,020 m2, 8,575 m2 refers to the new Day Hospital and 14,445 m2 to the underground garage.
In this project, of exceptional public importance for effective public health care without administrative and spatial barriers, the City of Zagreb and Zagrebački holding d.o.o. they invested around HRK 190,000,000.00 for the construction of the building, while the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Regional Development provided around HRK 50,000,000.00 in grants for equipping the new Outpatient Clinic with the most modern medical equipment.

The new Outpatient Clinic of the University Hospital "Sveti Duh" includes several technological units - internal medicine (hematology, nephrology, endocrinology, cardiology, gastroenterology, pharmacology) and neurology, surgical part with four operating rooms (general surgery with otorhinolaryngology, orthopedics and urology ), anesthesiology part for the needs of surgical activities, gynecological part for the needs of human reproduction and medically assisted fertilization, and therapeutic part for the needs of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

The Day Hospital also provides all the necessary outpatient specialist and diagnostic capacities necessary for the efficient performance of the activities of the day hospital and one-day surgery, as well as the capacities of the hospital pharmacy and service non-health services.

The public garage of the Clinical Hospital "Sveti Duh" has 477 parking spaces on four floors, of which 24 for people with disabilities. Within the garage, users have access to 10 charging stations for electric vehicles, family parking and parking for hybrid vehicles, motorcycles and free parking for bicycles. The garage is equipped with a computer system for automatic payment with a built-in camera for recognizing license plates, which allows users to get out quickly and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. The garage is naturally ventilated on all four floors and has a guaranteed supply of natural light and boasts the prestigious title of green garage.

The long-term activities of the Hospital and its founder to strengthen the role of the "Sveti Duh" University Hospital, the only clinical hospital institution founded by the City of Zagreb and the regional self-government in general, in the Public Health Service Network of the Republic of Croatia, have been completed.

Today, the University Hospital "Sveti Duh", which has been in uninterrupted function since 1804, has a stationary activity with 484 beds and a Day Hospital with 100 accommodation units.

In the public health care system, the University Hospital "Sveti Duh" annually takes care of about 450,000 cases within the program of hospital health care, health care in the day hospital and one-day surgery and specialist health care. In the system of emergency admission in the City of Zagreb, which consists of two university hospital centers and three university hospitals, the University Hospital "Svet Duh" participates with about 21%.

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